How to add number of cells in a column and not the values in that cells?

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I have a file with single column and 365 rows. The file is attached with this. I have to check the data stored in each cell whether it is <=0 or not. If the data stored in cell is <=0, I have to count that total number of cells (not the addition of values in those cells) and store it in any variable. Kindly, help me regarding this.
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Hikaru on 5 Feb 2015
V = xlsread('Book1.xlsx');
c = V <= 0; % check the condition
ans = sum (c) % count total number of cells
Girija on 8 Feb 2015
Sir, one more query is there.....if I want to check only first thirty data whether it is greater <=0, and count the cells and again the next thirty, then how it will be done? I've prepared the program like this but not working, please help me
A=xlsread('tb.xls','sheet1'); i=1:365; %total number of rows j=1:1; % total number of column A(i,j)=1; % first cell of the sheet while (A(i,j)<=30) %no.of cells <=30 c = A(i,j) >= 0; % condition for checking data in each cell total = sum (c); % total number of cells A(i,j)=A(i,j)+30; % loop for the next 30 data end
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