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calculate math problem help

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idan il 5 Lug 2022
Commentato: idan il 5 Lug 2022
how to write a code to caculate this tipe of problem: 4^2/(4+5^2)+6/74.

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Kritarth Sinha
Kritarth Sinha il 5 Lug 2022
Hello Idan,
You can directly write the following expression as it is in matlab and it runs fine for me.
Hope this will help.

Garmit Pant
Garmit Pant il 5 Lug 2022
Modificato: Garmit Pant il 5 Lug 2022
Hello idan
You can directly type this in a live script or the command window of MATLAB and it will give you the answer.
ans = 0.6328
Depending on different parentheses placements, the answer will differ so add parentheses according to your intended calculation.
ans = 0.5502
ans = 1.2312


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