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How to use xline?

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Tomaszzz il 18 Lug 2022
Commentato: Tomasz Cudejko il 18 Lug 2022
Hi all,
I have a signal (attached) over which I would like to plot mutiple vertical lines using x values (see image below)
x = [1648;2871;4022;6216;7327;8416]
My approach below:
can you help please?
load 'signal'
plot(cop_x_l); hold on
xline([x], repmat(ylim',1,size(x,2)), '--r')
Error using xline (line 29)
Passing multiple values to ConstantLine is not supported.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord il 18 Lug 2022
The ability to create multiple vertical or horizontal lines by passing a vector of values into the xline or yline functions was introduced in release R2021a. For earlier releases you'll need to call xline or yline once per value (perhaps in a for loop.)

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vishweshwar samba
vishweshwar samba il 18 Lug 2022
Try this
x = [1,2,3,4,5]; % x interval
% load signal instead of data below
z = linspace(0,6,100);
y = exp(z);

Abderrahim. B
Abderrahim. B il 18 Lug 2022
Modificato: Abderrahim. B il 18 Lug 2022
Try this
sig = rand(1,10000) ;
x = [1648 2871 4022 6216 7327 8416] ;
hold on
xline(x, '--r')
Hope this helps


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