How to export CAD model (Autodesk Inventor) so I can upload it to Simulink 3D animation, specifically the VR sink block

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Can't manage to get a CAD file from Autodes Inventor into the Simulink VR sink block from the 3D animation toolbox. Any advice would be great!
I have simscape multibody and all add ons you would need.

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Jan Houska
Jan Houska on 21 Jul 2022
Hi Josh,
the process of importing CAD files into Simulink 3D Animation is described here. In short - if you prefer a GUI, use the 3D World Editor that can be launched from the APPS tab in MATLAB. If you prefer functional interface, use the vrimport function.
If you have any specific issues using any of these tools please describe what the issues are.
Good Luck, Jan

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