Add 'lib' prefix to libraries generated with MATLAB Code Generator

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I've generated some C++ code from some MATLAB code that I have on my Mac. I'm using the DLL option to generate a shared library. However the shared libraries I've generated have names like "mylibrary.dylib" and my compiler expects "libmylibrary.dylib". Is there any way to tell MATLAB to add in the "lib" prefix?

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Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston il 3 Ago 2022
You can use the -o argument to codegen to rename the library:
codegen somecode -args 1 -o libmylibrary
In the Coder App the "Output file name" setting controls this
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Devin il 3 Ago 2022
This worked, thanks! I'm using the command line interface so I guess it was a little less obvious.

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