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alphabetagamma il 2 Ago 2022
Commentato: alphabetagamma il 2 Ago 2022
I am exporting multiple excel files and converting them to arrays. However, it can be time consuming to manually write the following code. So, I was thinking of using a for loop or some other technique that I don't have write repetitive code. How can I accomplish that? I really appreciate your help.
abc_table = readtable("Data\Some_Data.xlsx", 'Sheet', "abc");
def_table = readtable("Data\Some_Data.xlsx", 'Sheet', "def");
ghi_table = readtable("Data\Some_Data.xlsx", 'Sheet', "ghi");
jkl_table = readtable("Data\Some_Data.xlsx", 'Sheet', "jkl");
abc_vec = table2array(abc_table);
def_vec = table2array(def_table);
ghi_vec = table2array(ghi_table);
jkl_vec = table2array(jkl_table);

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KSSV il 2 Ago 2022
xlFiles = dir('*.xlsx') ;
N = length(xlFiles) ;
for i = 1:N
thisFile = xlFiles(i).name ;
T = readtable(thisFile) ;
% do what you want
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alphabetagamma il 2 Ago 2022
Thanks a lot for the speedy reply and the code.

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