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I am plotting time series graphs with forecasts, forecasts intervals. The following is a part of a for loop which I haven't shown here. There are 4 cstates defined in state_mat. For each state, I plot the forecasts of variables such as var1, var2,.., var5, and time horizon for forecast is 15 periods. Upon running the forloop, the output is 4 graphs for each of those 5 variables. However, right now, the x-axes of the graphs aren't properly labelled. I would like the x-axis to be labeled from 1995-Q1 to 2030-Q4, but the labels aren't appearing each of the graphs. How can I modify the code to ensure that every graph is properly labeled with dates on the x-axes?
% T= 200
% horz = 15
% array_dates = (1 x 215) obs of class datetime
% state_mat = ['RI'; 'MA'; 'NY'; 'CT'];
hold on;
plot(datenum(array_dates(64:T)), y(64:T), 'Color',[0.5,0.5,0.5], 'LineWidth', 1)
datetick('x', 'QQ-YY')
% shock, up_75, down_75, up_95, down_95 are (15 x 1) doubles
plot(datenum(array_dates(T:T+horz)),[y(T); shock],'b','LineWidth',1);
plot(datenum(array_dates(T:T+horz)),[y(T); up_75],'k--','LineWidth',1);
plot(datenum(array_dates(T:T+horz)),[y(T); up_95],'k--','LineWidth',1);
plot(datenum(array_dates(T:T+horz)),[y(T); down_75],'k--','LineWidth',1);
plot(datenum(array_dates(T:T+horz)),[y(T); down_95],'k--','LineWidth',1);
xlim([datenum(array_dates(64)), datenum(array_dates(T+horz))]);
if i < length(state_mat)

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 9 Ago 2022
datetick() is not "sticky": it does a one-time conversion of the xlim range into formatted ticks, or (depending on the option) takes the current tick locations and creates labels for them. datetick() is not a mode.
You need to datetick() at the end of your plots.
Also setting xticklabel to empty would undo any active tick labels.
Question: why are you using datenum() and datetick() ? Why are you not using datetime() objects? For several years, plot() has supported automatic labeling when you pass in datetime objects.
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alphabetagamma il 12 Ago 2022
Thank you so much for the suggestion, and sorry for not replying sooner. You are right. I wasn't aware, and so I've modifed my code as such.

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