How to use arxstruc with multiple input multiple output ( MIMO ) systems?

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I'm trying to use the command arxstruc to estimate the input delay of a Multiple Input, Multiple Output system (two inputs and two outputs).
I have written the system in state space form and i'm aware that arxstruc only work with single-output system, my idea is to go from one output to the next using a for cycle, thus reducing my problem to a succession of input delay estimations on MISO systems.
I don't know how to use arxstruc with a MISO system.
I'm also aware that in an ARX model the [na nb nk] coefficients depend on the number of inputs (the number of outputs must be one to use arxstruc), specifically I don't know how to pass the correct [na nb nk] to arxstruc while still being able to examine different combinations of na, nb, nc.
I need help on how to correctly write the third input argument for arxstruc in order to use my two inputs at the same time.

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Rajiv Singh
Rajiv Singh on 9 Aug 2022
The order combinations accepted by arxstruc can be generated by using the STRUC command; see: Generate model-order combinations for single-output ARX model estimation - MATLAB struc (


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