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why this message error

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huda nawaf
huda nawaf il 17 Ago 2022
Commentato: huda nawaf il 24 Ago 2022
I do not know what means this message error:
Operands to the logical AND (&&) and OR (||) operators must be convertible to logical scalar values. Use the ANY or ALL
functions to reduce operands to logical scalar values.
Error in EXAMPLE_GA_TOUR1 (line 35)
while cond<500 && gg<100
Can anybody help

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 17 Ago 2022
The && operator is the "short circuit and" operator. A && B evaluates A, and if A is non-zero, then it evaluates B -- but if A is zero then it does not evaluate B because it knows the test will fail.
The && operator is restricted to working on scalar values.
Looking at the error message, we can predict that either cond is not a scalar, or else gg is not a scalar. You need to think more about what you want to have happen. Do you want to exit the while loop as soon as even one cond value is >= 500? Or do you want to continue the while loop until all cond values are >= 500 ?
You should be using any() or all() to reflect what you want to happen when the variables are non-scalar. Or possibly you should be reviewing your logic to figure out how cond or gg accidentally became non-scalar.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 18 Ago 2022
Sorry, that is too vague for us to guess what your code is doing.
huda nawaf
huda nawaf il 24 Ago 2022
I want to clarify that
while cond<500 && gg<50
It is working correctly once one of the two conditions is met, the processing will stop. In other words, while the two condition are not met together, the code continue
Not necessary using all.
In fact the cond variable give me different values each time , I wanted to save the values. So saved it in cond(gg) where gg is variable increase one each time.
while cond(gg)<500 && gg<50
I think the message error that appeared becuase of cond(gg), once remove it it is no longer appear.
I hope that clarify the problem.

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