Online Parameter Indentification of SIMO System in Simulink

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Is there a way for identification of SIMO Systems? Currently I am using two Recursive Polynomial Model Estimator Blocks. It works but the Parameters of the denominator are not equal. Is there a possibility to have the same denominator?

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Rajiv Singh
Rajiv Singh il 17 Ago 2022
There is no multi-output recursive estimator available today in System Identification Toolbox; this is a limitation. What you need is a true multi-output estimator (e.g., armax, or state-space form), which doesn't exist right now.
Workaround: try some post-processing manipulations like converting to state-space (using the Model Type Converter block), concatenating and possibly balanced reduction (balred).
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VectraY il 17 Ago 2022
Modificato: VectraY il 17 Ago 2022
Thnak you for the information!
I do not get the workaround you proposed. Could you please explain it more in detail?

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