Failed to connect to the target with command line

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Hi support teams,
I have an issue to run my Simulink model in SDRT (external mode).
Because the controller computer does't have graphical windowing installed so I have to access by command lines from another computer.
The console displayed an issue "Unable to resolve the name coder.oneclick.SLDRTTargetHook". Do you have any suggestion to solve this issue?
>> open_system('PHRR')
Warning: PHRR (configSet0.xml, line 411): System target file 'sldrt.tlc' cannotbe found.
Warning: PHRR (configSet1.xml, line 378): System target file 'sldrt.tlc' cannotbe found.>>
Warning: MATLAB has disabled some advanced graphics rendering features byswitching to software OpenGL. For more information, click <ahref="matlab:opengl('problems')">here</a>.>>
>> set_param(gcs,'SimulationMode','external');
>> set_param(gcs,'SimulationCommand','connect')
Unable to resolve the name coder.oneclick.SLDRTTargetHook.

Accepted Answer

Jan Houska
Jan Houska on 18 Aug 2022
this looks like Simulink Desktop Real-Time is not installed on the machine. Does the "ver" command show the product as installed?
Also, Simulink Desktop Real-Time runs on Windows and macOS only. Having an installation of any of these operating systems without graphical interface is very unusual. What operating system are you using?

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TRONG LINH VU on 18 Aug 2022
Thank you for your answer. Linux is its operating system and I just realized that SDRT does not support Linux. That makes sense.


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