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How to detect a value changing in matlab app - numeric edit field

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Dear Community,
I am currently working on a MatLab app and i am changing the value of a numeric edit field by using a matlab function. Everytime the value changes, i want to execute an operation.
I tried to do it with a ValueChanged Callback, but i figured that it doesn´t work if you dont manually change the value of the edit field. Does anyone know how to detect a changed value if it isn´t changed manually but by another function?
I hope my Problem is clear. Thanks for helping in advance!

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Ankit il 31 Ago 2022
@Tom: I have created one simple example for you.
In this example when the EditField values are changed I am doing different operations like addition, multiplication and division. EditField values i am changing from a function named "startSimulation(app)"
function startSimulation(app)
i = 0;
while i<=10 && app.stop_sim == false
app.display.Value = num2str(i);
i = i + 2;
As I am not aware about your operations, you can imagine similar to yours.
I created a displayValueChanged function and then added to the Callbacks of EditField and Output.
% Value changed function: Output, display
function displayValueChanged(app, event)
value = app.display.Value;
switch value
case '2'
app.Operator.Text = '+';
app.Output.Value = app.A.Value + app.B.Value;
case '4'
app.Operator.Text = '*';
app.Output.Value = app.A.Value*app.B.Value;
case '10'
app.Operator.Text = '/';
app.Output.Value = app.A.Value/app.B.Value;

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