Traffic generation for machine type communication ?

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Hello everyone, i am currently doing my thesis on some traffic models and here there is the flow diagrams of these 3 traffic models. I have already found the 3rd one which is CMMPP. I just need to to modify a part of the code to get 3GPP1-2 models which is shown in the first and second part. And for the first one 3GPP1 is not synchronous and the distribution of arrivals are uniform and the period T=60 second. For the second flow diagram 3GPP-2 is synchronous and distribution is beta(3,4) and the period is T=10 s. Can anyone help me to modify this part of the code for any one these 3GPP1 or 3GPP2 please? Here is the code for the 3rd one.
for cntt=2:length(time)
% do the state transition
for cnts=NUMSTATES:-1:1
% generate a random number of pkts -> poisson distr.
prioritypkts=PRIORITY(state); % type of packets
for cntpkt=1:max(numpkts)
% update data
data_idx=numpkts>=cntpkt & prioritypkts==0; % machine index
if(sum(data_idx)>0) % for each packet:
data=[data; [machines(data_idx,:),... % store location
rand(sum(data_idx),1)*HEARTBEAT+time(cntt-1),... % store time
truncrandom(DATADISSIZE, SUPPS, sum(data_idx), 1)]];
% update alarm
alrm_idx=numpkts>=cntpkt & prioritypkts==1; % machine index
if(sum(alrm_idx)>0) % for each packet:
alarm=[alarm; [machines(alrm_idx,:),... % store location
rand(sum(alrm_idx),1)*HEARTBEAT+time(cntt-1),... % store time
truncrandom(ALRMDISSIZE, SUPPS, sum(alrm_idx), 1)]];
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Le Duc Long
Le Duc Long il 25 Giu 2020
Hi everybody,
I'm also interested in this issue. I want to simulate the flow of vehicles to the poisson distribution over time at an intersection.

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