Running Abaqus from Matlab

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Olu adroit
Olu adroit on 19 Feb 2015
Hi All, I have a MATLAB script that generates an .inp file that is sent to the Abaqus solver through the command window by using the line of code below:
dos(abaqus job=job.inp) %or
!abaqus job=job
The high level script is a while-loop and because it involves several iterations, Abaqus inputs files with different names are generated at pre-specified intervals (e.g. job1.inp, job2.inp, job3.inp, etc all created in the working folder). The challenge I am having is how to send these input files with different names to the command window. I have observed that the ‘dos’ statement above can only take ONE input value after the ‘=’ . Please your advice on how to solve this problem will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Federico De Bianchi
Federico De Bianchi on 23 Mar 2020
Hod did you generate an .inp file? I generated this plot and I want to export this structure into Abaqus.
Best regards

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Accepted Answer

arich82 on 19 Feb 2015
The following works under Linux. The command system should work to replace either dos or unix.
n = 3;
for k = 1:n
jobname{k} = ['job', num2str(k)];
for k = 1:n
cmd_str = ['abaqus job=', jobname{k}, ' input=', jobname{k}, '.inp interactive'];
abaqus job=job1 input=job1.inp interactive
abaqus job=job2 input=job2.inp interactive
abaqus job=job3 input=job3.inp interactive
Does this work for you?
Aravind Sasikumar
Aravind Sasikumar on 12 Apr 2016
Is it possible to run the abaqus jnl file through matlab instead of the inp file ?

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ELIAS ALI on 24 Mar 2016
Hi all,
I am working on heat transfer MATLAB input file that will be used in Abaqus.However, I am getting error message "abaqus command line option "input" must have a value". Any one any idea?
Thank you in advance
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George Papazafeiropoulos
George Papazafeiropoulos on 21 May 2017
The suitable syntax if the name of the job is JOB and the name of the input file is INPUTFILE.inp is:
!abaqus job=JOB input=INPUTFILE
system('abaqus job=JOB input=INPUTFILE')
For more information you can refer to the Abaqus2Matlab toolbox.

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