How can i modelling Radar scaning area?

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Hi friends; i must modelling radar scannig area in matlab for final project,but i dont have any this subject something like beamforming or radiation pattern ?
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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen il 23 Feb 2015
What do you mean by modeling the area? If you just want to scan, yes you can point the radar to different directions in the area. If you want to see the illuminated area on the earth, then that's different.

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michael scheinfeild
michael scheinfeild il 23 Feb 2015

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michael scheinfeild
michael scheinfeild il 23 Feb 2015
hi start with beamforming create target at some range and angle determine your beamformer parameters : number staves, distance between stawes, wavelength then you can try to scan all angles and ranges


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