Creating a proper f3d file

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Pavel-Jakub Novotný
Pavel-Jakub Novotný il 7 Set 2022
I need to upload my model to Matlab in 3D Foundation environment. I need to upload it in f3d format. I created this file format
in Fusion, but Matlab won't open it for me. I get this error: "Not a binary MAT-file. Try load -ASCII to read as text."
When I try to open my model as text, I get this error: "Unable to read file 'robot_sestaven.f3d'. Input must be a MAT-file or
an ASCII file containing numeric data with same number of columns in each row."
Does anyone know how to create the correct f3d format for my model?
Thanks for the advice

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Jan Houska
Jan Houska il 7 Set 2022
Hi Pavel-Jakub,
the F3D format used by 3D Foundation is not the same format as used in Fusion. This is just a name coincidence. You can import into 3D Foundation from another 3D format (like e.g. FBX, X3D, STL, ...), then save it to the F3D format from 3D Foundation.
Good Luck, Jan
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Jan Houska
Jan Houska il 16 Set 2022
Modificato: Jan Houska il 16 Set 2022
Hi PJ,
the last line of the save script should read
save(MW, 'robot_sestaven_2.f3d');
instead of
Good Luck, Jan
Pavel-Jakub Novotný
Pavel-Jakub Novotný il 16 Set 2022
Thanks, it's working now.

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