Usage of SoC Blockset with custom Vivado Block Design

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I want to use the SoC Blockset with custom Hardware (Board). I already have a Vivado Project with 2 addtional VHDL IP Cores. Is it possible to add a custom Board that builds the project and hardware platform in Vivado based on this project?
I know that there is a example, but that takes only into account if there is a processing system in the base vivado project only.
Thanks in advance!

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Sanjay Boorle
Sanjay Boorle on 21 Sep 2022
Hi Samuel,
  1. Yes, it is possible to create a custom board without processing system. You can refer the custom board example. You just need to remove the code corresponding to the procesing system.
  2. As of now, to add your logic to the Vivado design, its only possible if you model your logic in Simulink as a DUT. In future, we will support integrating the user HDL IP into the Vivado design.

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