matrix to struct do not match

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Ihaveaquest on 15 Sep 2022
Commented: Ihaveaquest on 15 Sep 2022
54X2 and ch1 row size fluctuates
i have them in a B size loop
when ch1 is size 54X6 it works fine when it changes to 52X6 it crashes
its there a modification for it to tranfer the data even if its not the same size ??,B) = ch1(:,1);

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James Tursa
James Tursa on 15 Sep 2022
You should really show us all of the actual code in question, not just a wordy description of the code. A better description and your actual code would help us to advise you. The following might work for you, but it might leave old data in spots not set which might not be good.,1),B) = ch1(:,1);
Maybe you would have to do something like this also:,1)+1:end,B) = 0;
Again, hard to say what will actually work for you without knowing more about your problem.
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Ihaveaquest on 15 Sep 2022,1),B) = ch1(:,1);
Thank you works like a charm!

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