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How to name .dat file headerlines? Urgent!!

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Cladio Andrea
Cladio Andrea il 26 Feb 2015
Chiuso: Walter Roberson il 6 Ago 2015
Hello everyone, i have . dat file :
DFC=[anambe(:,1), anambe(:,6)];
saveascii(DFC ,'DFC1.dat', 8 );
everything is perfecet in the .dat file but there is one thing, there are default headerlines in. dat files as 'VarName1'.. please help me to change the default values as i want, please, tomorrow is the deadline for my thesis. that is the last thing left..
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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes il 27 Feb 2015
Cladio - did you get this function from Carlos Adrian Vargas Aguilera's FEX submission found here?

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