Decode I-Q values from IQ file in MATLAB

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tyler seudath
tyler seudath il 16 Set 2022
Commentato: Jeffrey Clark il 18 Set 2022
Dear all,
I recorded I/Q on my SDR and the I/Q binary file found here. I was wondering if the IQ file can be opened in matlab so I can see the real and imaginary values.
Many thanks in advance.
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Jeffrey Clark
Jeffrey Clark il 18 Set 2022
@tyler seudath, I tried double (8 byte) and single (4 byte) floating using little and big endian (4 combinations) but always got INF or NaN for some of the floats.
  1. Is the SRD recording in an IEEE standard float or other?
  2. Or just producing N byte signed/unsinged integers?
  3. little or big endian?
You can use these commands to get the 10,010,624 bytes of binary read into a float or integer array, byte swapped as needed modifying the following. If you find you have 16 bit float you will have to try to find a converter; if you expect integer data you can also adjust accordingly. Since I expected to find complex numbers I expected 2xN as indicated:
[FID, message] = fopen('','rb','s'); % the 's' specifies big endian for float formats
[bindata,count] = fread(FID, [2,inf],'*double','s'); % hear trying 8 byte and big endian
iqdata = complex(bindata(1,:),bindata(2,:));

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