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Simscape model in a triggered subsystem

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Goncalo Torres
Goncalo Torres il 22 Set 2022
Risposto: Vidip Jain il 1 Set 2023
Hi all,
I would like to control the execution of a Simscape model. I thought about using a triggered subsystem block for this, however I think there is a conflict between this and the solver configuration block. Has anyone managed to do something like this before or does anyone have another suggestion which achieves the same goal?
Thank you.

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Vidip Jain
Vidip Jain il 1 Set 2023
I understand that you are facing issue while controlling the execution of a Simscape model using a Triggered Subsystem, but as you mentioned, there might be conflicts with the solver configuration block. Here are a few alternative methods you can consider:
  1. Function-Call Subsystem: Instead of using a Triggered Subsystem, you can use a Function-Call Subsystem to control the execution of your Simscape model. You can create a custom function that triggers the subsystem's execution and incorporate it into your simulation workflow.
  2. Simulink Control Signals: You can control the execution of a Simscape model using Simulink control signals such as enable/disable signals. You can use Signal Routing blocks or control logic to enable or disable specific parts of the model based on your requirements.
  3. Simulation Callbacks: Utilize Simulink's simulation callbacks to define custom behaviour before and after simulation steps. You can create functions to control when and how the simulation progresses.
Refer to this documentation for more information:


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