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Anas coder
Anas coder il 26 Set 2022
Commentato: Anas coder il 19 Ott 2022
Hi |
I'm looking to integrate my web app to MATLAB , beacuse im using MATLAB as server of Deep learning model
The user will put the input through my website , then the inputs will be send to the MATLAB to perfurme the opeartion on the inputs
Could i do that using API ?
thank you

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David Willingham
David Willingham il 27 Set 2022
You may not need to have MATLAB act as a server. For example, you could deploy the model you want as a microservice, which you could then call from any web application.
This example shows how to do this: Deploy Object Detection Model as Microservice
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Anas coder
Anas coder il 19 Ott 2022
Yes , that what im thinking about , thank you for sharing

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Midhulesh Vellanki
Midhulesh Vellanki il 26 Set 2022
Modificato: Midhulesh Vellanki il 26 Set 2022
You could use Restful api. Checkout the documentation at:


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