file parsing identifier need to choose the correct identifier

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i have this file
and my current code selects it base on identifier = 'tx'; for parsing
the correct selection would be tx01 but its selectiong both tx01 and txt
what can i do to just select tx#, theres more than just 01 and it changes
where i am using the identifier
parsed_location = strfind(parsed_data,channel_identifier);
number_location = find(~cellfun(@isempty,parsed_location)); at this point i am getting two finds i want just to find the first tx#
channel_digits = regexp(parsed_data{channel_location} , '\d', 'match');

Answers (1)

millercommamatt on 27 Sep 2022
st = '04_T_A_tx01_3009.txt';
id_cell = regexp(st,'tx\d+','match');
id_char = id_cell{1};


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