How to Export Data from Wavelet Analzer Tool

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Hello Friends,
I used waveletAnalyzer toolbox in Matlab to diagnose the bearing fault vibration signal.
However, I de-composed and de-noised the signal.
I clicked "File" toolbar but it can only export the De-Noised Signal (Ds) the purple graph
In this case, I want to export Detail Coefficient 4 (d4) which is green graph with red circle in the picture below.
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Santosh Fatale
Santosh Fatale on 4 Oct 2022
Hi Pasu,
Could you please share the sample code and the data required to reproduce the results shared by you in image?

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Santosh Fatale
Santosh Fatale on 7 Oct 2022
Hi Pasu,
I understand that you want to extract the details coefficients generated by Wavelet Analyzer App. Please go through details below for possible workaround.
However, there is a potential workaround as follows:
  1. Launch the Wavelet Signal Denoiser App and import the desired data. Here's a good example of how to use the App. Denoise a Signal with the Wavelet Signal Denoiser - MATLAB & Simulink (
  2. In the App, go to 'Export' -> 'Generate MATLAB Script'.
  3. Modify the output of the function 'wdenoise' to be '[XDEN,DENOISEDCFS,ORIGCFS]'. The second and third output arguments are coefficients you desire. For more information, you can refer to - Wavelet signal denoising - MATLAB wdenoise (


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