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Using C++ constructs in Stateflow charts: is it possible?

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I am generating C++ code from a Simulink model i just received, using Embedded Coder v2021b. In this model there are various stateflow charts: the action language for these is set to C. I tried to use various C++ constructs (pass by reference, classes, namespaces), but they are rejected by the compiler. This is most likely due to the fact that C is the action language, and links such as this one make me think C++ can be only inserted using "workarounds".
Anyway, i ask for confirmation: is there really no way to directly use C++ constructs in Stateflow charts?
As a related question, when the code will be generated (i still haven't tried), will i get C++ or C code? (both the Simulation Target language and the Code Generation language are set to C++)

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Santosh Fatale
Santosh Fatale il 7 Ott 2022
Hi Francesco,
I understand that you want to use C++ constructs in stateflow charts. You can call C++ methods using C-Style Wrapper Functions from C Function block. For more details, you can refer below link.
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fraben il 7 Ott 2022
Thank you for the reply Santosh :)
More than being able to call C++ methods, i am wondering if i can use C++ syntax in Stateflow: for example use references (instead of pointers), or invoke static class methods. So far, trying to use these constructs resulted in compiler errors.

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