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Can I get script/help on "Optimal PMU Placement in Power Transmission Network by Genetic Algorithm"

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Observabily of IEEE 14 Bus Network
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 4 Giu 2015
This sounds like a combination of
"Optimal PMU placement for power system observability using binary particle swarm optimization and considering measurement redundancy"
"Optimal PMU Placement in Power System Networks Using Integer Linear Programming"
"Optimal Placement of PMUs for Power System Observability Using Topology Based Formulated Algorithms"
That last article in particular discusses using Genetic Algorithms to do the placement.
Maveeya Baba
Maveeya Baba il 25 Ott 2019
Brother kindly help me regarding this issue i wanna do optimal PMU placement through algorithms kindly assit me

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VIDHYA SAGAR il 8 Ott 2018
how to run BPSOGSA for Optimal placement of PMU? How can I include the connectivity matrix in that code? Kindly suggest me

Ismael Abdulrahman
Ismael Abdulrahman il 31 Dic 2019


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