Polyspace UT cannot traverse subfolder structure

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While performing unit testing using Polyspace facing issues to travese subfolder header files.
Is Polyspace supporting such option? If yes please let me know the procedure.

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Anirban il 12 Ott 2022
Modificato: Anirban il 12 Ott 2022
If I understand the question correctly, you are adding a path to an include folder but the subfolders are not being traversed. Indeed, you have to explicitly add paths to all folders in your Polyspace project.
If you set up a project in the Polyspace user interface, during project setup, there is a check box Add recursively that automatically adds paths to a subfolder if you provide the path to a top level folder (see image below).
If you are running analysis at the command line, you have to add a -I to every subfolder. You can write a script to generate -I's to a subfolder given a top level folder, or set up a project in the Polyspace user interface using the above convenient check box and generate an options file for runs at the command line.
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Nagarajan il 13 Ott 2022
One clarity needed that if a project contains multiple folders (.c & .h) each contains it's own includes also need to be proceed same.
Pls clarify.
Anirban il 13 Ott 2022
Yes, if all those folders have a common parent folder, you can add the parent folder recursively. Otherwise, you can add each folder individually.

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