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How can i merge the signals from the sensors into 1 signal ?

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i need to merge these two signal into one signal , i tried to add signal conversion but i dont understand how should i connect it properly

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Jim Riggs
Jim Riggs il 24 Ott 2022
The merge block is not used to combine signals - it is used to select one of two triggered signals. The two inputs are signals that are conditionally on (such as the output of a triggered subsystem) and only one of the two signals can be active at any time. The output of the merge block is the active signal.
To "combine" the two into one signal, you will need to be more specific on what kind of signal "combination" you want, since there are many types of signal tansformations available.

Andrew Naeem
Andrew Naeem il 27 Ott 2022
I don't the types of signla transformation, but i just want to combine in one signal into the scope
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Andrew Naeem
Andrew Naeem il 28 Ott 2022
I need to add them, could i do that by the sum block ?

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