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Brett on 20 Oct 2022
Answered: Jim Riggs on 24 Oct 2022
I've been trying to learn more about the accelerator modes in Simulink and was reading the following:
It states that we shouldn't use outports at the root level in our model if we are using accelerator... Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but how are we supposed to return results to the workspace without an outport or "to workspace" block? Is accelerator mode not intended to be used to return results, just viewing results within simulink?
Is there a way to return results to workspace with a block that is allowed in accelerator mode?

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Jim Riggs
Jim Riggs on 24 Oct 2022
I think there is a misunderstanding.
The way I read it, if you use a large number of inport and outport blocks (at the root level), the accelerator may not speed up your model very much, but there is no exclusion on using these. (This applies to the root level inport/outport blocks only.)
"Accelerator mode runs the blocks as if you were running normal mode because these blocks do not generate code for the accelerator build. Consequently, if your model contains a high percentage of these blocks, accelerator mode may not increase performance significantly."
Likewise, all "to workspace" or "to file" blocks may be used, but these are run in normal mode.

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