What is the coffee machine in the Mathworks Lakeside Campus?

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This is pretty off topic, but I visited the Lakeside Campus for simulink training a few years ago. The training was outstanding, but I remember the amazing coffee machine that was right outside of the classroom. Is there any one that can point me to the type and manufacturer of this machine?
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Matt J
Matt J il 24 Ott 2022
What was the room number of the classroom?
Xavier Quinn
Xavier Quinn il 24 Ott 2022
It was on the first floor, almost straight back from the main entrance. I dont remember the room number, but could point it out on a floor plan. It was pre-COVID

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David Willingham
David Willingham il 25 Ott 2022
There are several coffee options available at MathWorks right now. Do you have any recollection of how the machine looked or worked?
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Xavier Quinn
Xavier Quinn il 25 Ott 2022
It was in a break area by the first floor classrooms. It was a large stainless steel machine. I remember you chose different flavor coffees that were in pancake shaped pods made of foil. You inserted the pod into a slot and then selected the style you wanted, such as latte or americano. The machine made the coffee and had some internal storage for disposing the pod.
It made great coffee, but also seemed to be pretty good about waste products produced as a single serve coffee machine. I was hoping to possibly get one in my office and reduce our coffee trash from other types of single serve coffee machines.

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