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Import comments with downloaded results doesn't work

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Why it is not possible to import results downloaded from polyspace-access to a result set generated with polyspace-bugfinder ?
I call polyspace-comments-import.exe -print-new-results -diff-rte ..../bugfinder/export_251020221318 output
Output message: The results-dir (..../bugfinder/export_251020221318) does not seem to contain Polyspace results
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Jan il 26 Ott 2022
And? Is the message correct? Does the folder "..../bugfinder/export_251020221318" exist and contain Polyspace results? Maybe the problem is hidden inside "....", perhaps a typo?
Horst Dreßel
Horst Dreßel il 27 Ott 2022
no to typo, the folder exists and contains the downloaded result set with following files

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Christian Bard
Christian Bard il 4 Nov 2022
Since Polyspace Access R2022b, you can import comments from one project to another directly from Polyspace Access webUI.
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