Should ztrans Work Better when Using heaviside() ?

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Paul on 27 Oct 2022
Commented: Paul on 28 Oct 2022
Recently ran across peculiar behavior with ztrans.
Define some variables
syms n integer
syms T positive
Set sympref so that heaviside[n] is the discrete-time unit step
Simple function to take the z-tranform of a signal and then the inverse z-transform, which should return the input signal
g = @(f) [ztrans(f) ; simplify(iztrans(ztrans(f)))];
1. Simple case, works as expected
g([cos(n) sin(n)])
ans = 
2. Introduce symbolic sampling period, still works fine.
g([cos(T*n) sin(T*n)])
ans = 
3. Multiply the simple case by heaviside[n], which shouldn't have any material effect because heaviside[0] = 1
g([cos(n) sin(n)]*heaviside(n))
ans = 
It has no material effect, but we can see that ztrans is accounting for the possibility that heaviside[0] might not be 1, so it appears to be using the general rule
y[n] = f[n]*heaviside[n] = f[0]*heaviside[0]*kroneckerDelta[n] + f[n]*u[n-1]
where u[n] is the discrete-time unit step. The z-transform is then
Y(z) = f[0]*heaviside[0] + Z(f[n+1])/z
As an aside, it seems like it would be easier to solve by
y[n] = f[n]*heaviside[n] = f[n] + (f[0]*heaviside[0] - f[0])*kroneckerDelta(n)
Y(z) = Z(f[n]) - f[0]*h[0]
4. Now introduce the sampling period and heaviside. Based on 2 and 3 above, it would appear that the ztrans should be easily found as would the iztrans.
g([cos(T*n) sin(T*n)]*heaviside(n))
ans = 
But, in neither case is the closed form expression returned for the z-transform. Oddly, iztrans returns the closed form expression for cos, but not for sin.
Paul on 28 Oct 2022
Hi David,
% since the sympref setting is remembered after a session
% (I found that out the hard way).
I too am a member of that club. I put
into my startup.m script and then modify as needed.
Your results with the complex exponentials make the (lack of) results with sin and cos even more puzzling.

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