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Signal dimensions inside a simulink function

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Eleni T
Eleni T il 29 Ott 2022
Commentato: Eleni T il 10 Nov 2022
I am using a simulink function, with arguement outports to be used in an entity generator block. The arguement outports give the option for the port dimensions to be (inherited), scalar N or matrix [nxm]. However, when i insert the option of inherited, i get the error "The argument output block 'Name' must fully specify its dimension.
Does anyone have any idea about this?
Thank you

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Paul il 29 Ott 2022
Based on the error message, it sounds like you'e requried to specify the dimensions of that outport. Do you know what the dimension for the outport should be? If so, have you tried specifying it explicitly as the error message suggests?
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Paul il 29 Ott 2022
In the Property Inspector you can specify the Size of the outport with a workspace variable. The you'll need to update the value of the workspace variable to be consistent with the size of the input.
Eleni T
Eleni T il 10 Nov 2022
Okay i can try that. thank you very much!

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