Error Message in uitable GUI

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laurie il 19 Mar 2015
Commentato: Adam il 19 Mar 2015
I have a editable uitable in a GUI. How can I check the user input data, and if the values are negative, display an error message?

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Adam il 19 Mar 2015
There's a CellEditCallback in which you can add whatever code you want in response to someone entering something in a cell of the table.
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laurie il 19 Mar 2015
if any((data(:,1)) < 0)==1
warndlg('Must be greater than zero.','Warning!')
Where (data(:,1)) is column 1 of my uitable
I get the error:
Undefined function 'lt' for input arguments of type 'cell'.
Adam il 19 Mar 2015
Isn't 'data' a cell array from a uitable? In which case you need to apply cell operations or convert to a numerical array if it is pure numbers

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