bubblelegend doesn't work (2021b)

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I've been trying to plot bubblechart but the bubblelegend doesn't work for the simplest output.
x = (1:5)';
The above is the plot is 2022b. Works here!!
But my 2021b gives following error for bubblelegend command
Warning: Error updating BubbleLegend.
Too many input arguments.
Warning: Error updating BubbleLegend.
Array is null
Warning: Error updating BubbleLegend.
Array is null
Warning: Error updating BubbleLegend.
Array is null
Then the legend box appears but is empty.
I have not been able to replicate the example codes for bubblelegend from any matlab online examples either.
Is this a version issue?

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Benjamin Kraus
Benjamin Kraus on 1 Nov 2022
bubblelegend was released in R2020b, so it should work in R2021b. My guess is you have something wrong with your MATLAB path. Try this:
rehash toolboxcache
If bubblelegend works after that, then there was something wrong with your path. Most likely you have a copy of pathdef.m in your user directory, which is overloading the official version. You can confirm that with this command:
which pathdef
If the answer is in your user directory (something like C:\Users\<username>\Documents\MATLAB) then that is the problem. The file in that directory will be used by all versions of MATLAB, but pathdef.m needs to be different for each version of MATLAB. You can try deleting that file, but first make sure you've captured any customizations you've made to the file.
If that doesn't help, or if you need further assistance, I suggest contacting technical support.
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Shivanesh Rao
Shivanesh Rao on 1 Nov 2022
Hi Benjamin,
The bubblelegend works after I do
The path seems to be fine:
C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2021b\toolbox\local\pathdef.m
Perhaps it is the startup script I have running that maybe messing with the path.
Thanks for the suggestions. I can debug from here.

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