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Documentation on 'ZOrder'

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Ankur il 4 Nov 2022
Risposto: Santosh Fatale il 9 Nov 2022
Can some one provide me documentation on 'ZOrder'?
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord il 4 Nov 2022
In what context? I only find two hits in the online documentation for that word, but I suspect they're each spurious. There are 13 hits in MATLAB Answers and 3 on the File Exchange; if you're referring to one of those, please link to the Answers post or the File Exchange submission.
If you're referring to something that's not in the documentation, MATLAB Answers, or the File Exchange please provide more information on what you're looking for.

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Santosh Fatale
Santosh Fatale il 9 Nov 2022
Hi Ankur,
Kindly note that the "ZOrder" property is a hidden property associated with every block used in the model, and thus currently we have not provided any documentation about it. For more information, you can follow the answer to the following ML Answer.
You can get ZOrder property value of specific block in model using get function and can set to new value using set function.
get(blockHandle, ZOrder)
set(blockHandle, ZOrder, value)
To get block handle to one of the blocks in your model, you can either use gcb or following steps.
modelBlocks = find_system(modelName) % without .slx extension
blockHandle = getSimulinkBlockHandle(modelBlocks{2});


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