How to use a drop down menu to show an image based on selection.

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I am trying to create an app component that shows solar radiation on the earth. the user will use a drop down menu and select a region on earth( North America, Asia....). Then I want the image to be displayed on the image app after they select a region. What is the best approach.

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Mario Malic
Mario Malic il 6 Nov 2022
I would put those pictures in a cell array
images = cell(5,1);
images{1} = imread("path"); % and so on
Define ItemsData property in the DropDown component to take numeric value from 1 to n-pictures
app.DropDown.ItemsData = 1:5;
Then, you are able to use the Value, even if it's a character array, it will take the ItemsData value which you can use to index into cell array with images.
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Fazlollah il 16 Feb 2023
Great Answer, thank you. you also added a private property "image".

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