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Commands for LCD Display with Raspberry pi doesnt work!

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hello, i m trying to display some messages on my (20*4) lcd display, which i connected via I2C to the Raspi. i created an object to communicate with the LCD and when i use the Write Command, nothing shows up.
does anyone have an idea on how to fix this?
thank u!
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Joseph Neelen
Joseph Neelen il 18 Ago 2023
I have a working Pi3 with SenseHat. All commands from Matlab to the SenseHat are executed except the writePixel command to the 8x8 LED display ??????

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Sivapriya Srinivasan
Sivapriya Srinivasan il 26 Mag 2023
Modificato: Sivapriya Srinivasan il 26 Mag 2023
Hello, I’d be happy to help out with your issue
Here are a few things you can try:
1.Check the I2C connection: Check that the SDA and SCL (serial data and serial clock)pins are connected to the right pins on the Raspberry Pi.
2.Check the I2C address: Make sure that you are using the correct I2C address for your LCD display. Some displays may have a different I2C address. You might also have to modify the code to set the I2C address of your particular display.
3.Check the wiring: Check that the wiring between the LCD display and the Raspberry Pi is correct. Make sure that there isn’t a loose connection.
4.Check for errors: Check that the commands you are sending are correct for your particular LCD display.
5.Try a different library: Try using a different library or code to communicate with your LCD display. There are many different libraries and resources available online that you can test out.
Hopefully, one of these solutions helps you out and you can get your LCD display working properly!
You can refer to MathWorks Documentation for further assistance!


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