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GAMS Transfer Matlab problem - Error in gt_cmex_gdx_write (could not load gdxdclib64.dll)

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I'm trying to use the new version of GAMS Transfer Matlab ( in order to link GAMS with Matlab. When trying to write the GDX file, there is always this problem:
However, I have checked my GAMS folder and the file gdxdclib64.dll is in there. I have also checked that the gt_cmex_gdx_write file is in the corresponding API folder.
Does anyone know how to fix this problem? The only information I have found is related to the all way of linking Matlab and GAMS ( that now it's being deprecated.

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Vatsal il 17 Ott 2023
I understand that you are using the new version of GAMS Transfer MATLAB, and when trying to write the GDX file you are getting error gdx init failed: could not load shared library gdxdclib64.dll: windows error”. The error message you are encountering indicates that the GDX library in GAMS is unable to load the shared library the gdxdclib64.dll.
To resolve this issue, try the following steps:
  1. Ensure that GAMS is properly installed and configured on your system. Make sure you have the correct version of GAMS that is compatible with MATLAB 2022a.
  2. Check if the ‘gdxdclib64.dll’ library is present in the expected location.
  3. If the library is missing, you may need to reinstall GAMS or repair the installation to ensure that all necessary files are present.
  4. If the library is present but still cannot be loaded, you might need to check your system's library search paths. Ensure that the directory containing the ‘gdxdclib64.dll’ library is included in the appropriate search path for your operating system.
I hope this helps!


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