Plotting the element of a 3D array

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The dimension of F is 2x2x145 (3D array), i.e. we have 145 number of 2x2 matrices. Now I want to find a vector having the (1,1)th element of all the matrices. How to obtain such vector having the (1,1)th element of all the matrices and then plot it with respect to time (T)?
M1 = [2 0;0 2];
odefun = @(t,y) part_a(t,y,M1);
[T,F] = ode45(odefun,[10 0],[2 0;0 2]);
F = reshape(F.',2,2,[]);
Error using plot
Data cannot have more than 2 dimensions.
function dy = part_a(t,y,M1)
F = reshape(y,size(M1));
FA = -M1*F;
dy = FA(:);

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 11 Nov 2022
plot(T, squeeze(F(1,1,:)))

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