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MATLAB neural network application

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Seyed Navid Shoaiby
Seyed Navid Shoaiby il 12 Nov 2022
I trained my data, using neural network time series application. Then, I exported the model to my work space. When I wanted to predict another data set with the model, I got the error "Error using predict; No valid system or dataset was specified."
The data set I wanted to test was not labeled.
This is my command:

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Varun Sai Alaparthi
Varun Sai Alaparthi il 15 Nov 2022
Hello Seyed,
I understand that you are facing error with using predict function with pre-trained model on new data.
The error is most likely due to incompatible or wrong data shape for the pre-trained model. Please try to reshape the data you trying to predict on according to the pre-trained model.
if the error persists, please provide the model’s name and few data points of your dataset this would help to resolve the issue further.
Varun Sai


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