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What is the output when Particle Swarm Optimization exceeds MaxTime

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I ran the following PSO code and the MaxTime was exceeded. The code spit out a result, but I don't know: Is it the best solution so far? Is it the one that was currently being solved when the time ran out? Is it the last completed function evaluation?
SwarmSize = 500;
FunctionTolerance = 0.001;
MaxIterations = 500;
MaxTime = 57600; % seconds
options = optimoptions("particleswarm","UseParallel",true,'SwarmSize',SwarmSize,'InitialSwarmMatrix',InitialSwarmMatrix,'Display','iter','FunctionTolerance',FunctionTolerance,'MaxIterations',MaxIterations,'MaxTime',MaxTime);
dwellT = particleswarm(@(dwellT) condToEdge_fnc(dwellT),numZones,lb,ub,options)
Optimization ended: the total optimization time in seconds exceeded OPTIONS.MaxTime.
dwellT =
0.9026 0.9199 0.8728 0.9822 1.0000 0.8732 0.9660 0.8537 0.8557 0.8841

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Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss il 15 Nov 2022
I believe that the code returns the point giving the best (lowest) objective function value encountered.
Alan Weiss
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