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Matlab running slow (or not at all)

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Marta Caneda Portela
Marta Caneda Portela il 21 Nov 2022
Matlab is not really working when I try to run my code (the same code that has been working fine for weeks). I did not make any changes from yesterday to today, and today I suddenly cannot work.
I am running an LSTM with
net = trainNetwork(X_train_mtx',Y_train_mtx',layers,options);
Here I should see the training progress plots, but the figure does not open or it does just open and stay frozen (not showing any training progress)
. I checked the computer and it shows that a lof of the RAM is being used (I don't know if this was the case before too, but right now my laptop's fan is working hard)
I have no idea what the problem can be, since I really had no changes in my code (or my laptop). Could be a virus (I only have the Microsoft Defense)? Thanks in advance.

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Ganapathi Subramanian
Ganapathi Subramanian il 23 Mag 2023
Hi Marta,
It is my understanding that you are working on a LSTM model and wants to resolve the issue of MATLAB not working suddenly.
Here are few things which you can try to resolve your issue.
  1. Try restarting MATLAB. Sometimes simply restarting MATLAB can resolve issue with software performance.
  2. Make sure you are running the latest version of MATLAB and all the latest updates are installed.
  3. If none of the steps work, try reinstalling MATLAB as this might fix any corrupted files. Follow the below link for clean reinstallation of MATLAB


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