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add ylim and xlim only in the magnitude response of bode plot?

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hi guys,
How to add the ylim and xlim to the bode plot, magnitude only?
I havre added the ylim and xlim but the lines shows up in the phase plot and not the magnitude plot!

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Robert U
Robert U il 22 Nov 2022
Hi SimTec,
If you are using bodeplot, you can have a look at bodeoptions()-command. There you can set the axis limits.
Kind regards,
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Ben il 25 Mar 2024
I have this issue as well. XLim is fine, I want them to be the same for both the magnitude and phase plots, but the YLIM applies the same limits to the phase and magnitude plots! There does not seem to be in bodeoptions a way to distinguish between the two plots.
Ben il 25 Mar 2024
So the answer is simple... you add them in a cell like so:
opts.YLim = {[-20 10],[-50 150]}

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