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In a commercial program, I am using, surface measurements are visualized as an overlaid contour plot. And here comes the nice part: A histogram can be added next to the colorbar as seen in the attached image.
Now, I was wondering if adding histogram information to the colorbar can be done in MATLAB?
(The program is the digital image correlation system ARAMIS by GOM for those interested...)

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millercommamatt on 28 Nov 2022
Edited: millercommamatt on 28 Nov 2022
You can do this in Matlab. However, there's nothing like this built in, so you're going to have the handle all the placements of the different plot axes required for this kind of plot yourself. The steps required are similar what is used in the various functions on the file exchange that handle plots with an arbitrary number of y-axes.
In a nutshell, you would do the histogram calculation, plot that histogram as a line (using plot) in its own axes object, and then position the axes and manipulate all the labels to get it to look how you would like it to.
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Christian Krogh
Christian Krogh on 29 Nov 2022
Thanks. I suspected it would be something like this.

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