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Train classifier with GAN generated images

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anbarasi l
anbarasi l il 1 Dic 2022
Risposto: Muskan il 27 Mar 2023
I would like to compare a classifier trained with original images and then I would like to train the same classifier with GAN generated images + original images.
Could you please guide me on how to train the classifier with GAN generated images + original images.

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Muskan il 27 Mar 2023
Hi Anbarasi,
As per my understanding of the question, you can followmay try the following steps for help with your problem to resolve the issue you are facing:
i) Collect and pre-process your original images dataset. Then train your original image classifier using any algorithm you wish to.
ii) Using the GAN model, generate a new dataset of images.
iii) Using the "imageDatastore" function combine the original and GAN generated images. Then, train a new classifier using the combined dataset by using the same algorithm.
iv) Now, you can evaluate the performance of both the classifiers using a test dataset.
You can refer to the following documentation for "imageDatastore" function:
I hope the above information helps in resolveing your query.




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