Get coordinates of 3-D force-directed graph plot without plotting?

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I have a very large weighted undirected graph and I want to run the 3-d force directed graph algorithm without actually creating the figure. The following works for small graphs but is cumbersome for large ones.
% create sample weighted undirected graph objectwith pseudorandom weights
nN = 1e3;% # of nodes
G = graph(squareform(randi(10,[(nN^2-nN)./2 1]))));
% Perform 3-D force-directed algo with graph plotting function
pH = plot(G,'layout','force3','WeightEffect','Direct','Iterations',1e5);
% extract coordinates from plot
xyz = [pH.XData;pH.YData;pH.ZData]';
Is there are way to access lower level functions to apply the same algorithm and obtain the coordinates xyz without plotting anything (ideally more efficiently)? Thank you.

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Christine Tobler
Christine Tobler il 26 Lug 2023
There isn't currently such a function available.
For the example above, nearly all the time is being spent in computing the coordinates, so at least there isn't much time lost in plotting, although I understand that the unnecessary figure can get in the way.

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