How to find equal values/words between two string vectors?

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hi, I would need to find a way to comapre two strings vectors and find the equal value/words. Then I need to know in which position are the equal value. I'll post an exmple:
a=[10, 25, V4E, 64, 33];
b=[64, V4E, T2S, 10, 11];
the output i want to obtain is: c= [1, 3, 4]; which is the position of the equal values in the first vector.
if it's possible it would be awsome to have a second row with the value:
c=[1, 3, 4;
10, V4E, 64]
thanks in advance!!

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David Hill
David Hill il 5 Dic 2022
a=["10", "25", "V4E", "64", "33"];
b=["64","V4E", "T2S", "10", "11"];
c = 1×3
1 3 4
d = 1×3 string array
"10" "V4E" "64"

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