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search a subsystem in multiple Simulink file

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Ra il 8 Dic 2022
Risposto: Sylvain il 9 Dic 2022
Hi all,
I need to analyse my repository of simulink file with a subsystem, whether it contain or not. If contain make a list.
Example: I have 100 slx file and in these 15 files contain a subsystem with similar name. I need to make a list of these slx file. Please help me

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Sylvain il 9 Dic 2022
You can get a list of the subsystems using the following command (some options might be removed)
ss = find_system(gcb,'LookUnderMasks','on','FindAll','off','SearchDepth',5,...
'BlockType', 'SubSystem')
then make a strcmp to match name of the block


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