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XCP crash Raspberry pi

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Sylvain il 8 Dic 2022
Risposto: Tushar il 20 Mar 2023
I am using the tune and monitor function with the Raspberry Pi 4.
I have made some improvement to my code but since, I get the following error:
External Mode Open Protocol CheckData command failed
Caused by:
  • Multiple errors detected.
  • XCP TCP/IP error: socket receive error
  • Error detected while trying to disconnect Simulink from target application.
  • XCP error: XCP TCP/IP error: socket send error
Does anyone know how to avoid such crash? the debugger is not very helpfull,.
kind regards,

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Tushar il 20 Mar 2023
This could be because of you having certain firewall settings possibly blocking connection with the RPi. Due to this, the external mode stops or crashes immediately when started.
So, please have a look at you firewall settings.
Hope it helps!


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